About us

CatCatGo was created by Jorge Otero and Ricardo Gonzalez with help of Mimi the cat. The first version of CatCatGo was created 23 of june of 2020.

It was another logo and a diferent search engine. We was happy, but as we we're using Google's search engine creator, Sammwy told us that Google can report us.

Months later, we got a new search engine without copyright (developed by Sammwy).

The 27 of february of 2021, we created the third (actual) version of CatCatGo.

This version have photos of a real cat (the cat is of Ricardo) and more features like DuckDuckGo API (for search results).

We developed this all by 0, with help of our developers.

*Google AND DuckDuckGo are not related with CatCatGo


Were important developers are listed in.



RoboticObsession (Ricardo González) Owner & Main Developer
JorgeGame100 (Jorge Otero) Owner & Main Developer
Riverside Rocks Helper (Helped Ricardo in PHP)
Sammwy (Valentina) Creator of version 2 (version mainly a patch) & Saved our life